Tonomi is a town that faces the Seto Inland Sea.
Tonomi was a port and a transportation hub in the past.
At the end of Edo period, many patriots rode on “Tobifune”, which is a small and high speed boat. Going to Osaka by Tobifune was the quickest way to reach Kyoto in those days.
Tonomi is a town with great history, culture, and ocean view.

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The Blue of Tonomi

One of the biggest attraction of Tonomi is beautiful color “Blue”.
Many people are attracted by deep and beautiful blue ocean in summer.
We also call it “Japan Blue”.
Dyer invented traditional technique called ash liquid fermentation method and
natural indigo dye which is inspired by ocean blue in Tonomi.

the Dye house and a Japanese style inn.


the Dye house and a Japanese style inn.


Noda-Nishimura residence was built about 100 years ago.
“Noda” is the town name and “Nishimura” is last name of .
Nishimura had been living here untill 2018.
After Nishimura moved, we renovated and started dye house.
You can use here as a lodging, but 1gruop per day only.


At Noda-Nishimura residence, you can rest and stay.
It's not only for stay but to experience traditional indigo dye.
This residence is near by sea, so you can also have fun at there.
You will enjoy two different kinds of “Blue”.
We're sure that you will have a wonderful and very special time at here.

-kai- & -Fu-

Indigo Dye house

This place is for everyone to experience the traditional indigo dye and lodging.
We obtain natural indigo dye which is Japanese
traditional technique of ash liquid fermentation method.
It's gentle on skin, no color fade-out, and no color off.
That's why we use top-quality natural materials.
This color last a lifetime.
Dye your own stuff as you like please.

At dye house, you can experience the Japanese traditional indigo dye technique.
We add ash liquid to “Sukumo”,which is dye produced from indigo leaves, and ferment it.
This process is important step to make deep “Japan Blue” color.
We don't use anything artificial. It's all natural.
Please enjoy natural indigo dye.


Enjoy your breakfast at the Cafe & Gallery.
Aoki Ichiro, the chef at Japanese restaurant “Ichihana”, will cook for you with Yamaguchi's seasonal food.

Cafe & Gallery

Cafe & Gallery

Cafe & Gallery are open on weekdays lunch time except Tuesday.
Lunch time is from 11am to 3pm.
Sandwiches and desserts are served with East Timor coffee or ST. James T.E's Uva tea.
At the gallery, you can see and buy the indigo dye goods.


By train

  • ● The nearest station is JR Sanyo Line Tonomi Station and 15 minutes walk from the station.
    ※We have pick up service. Please contact us in advance.
  • ● Coming from Tokyo or Kansai area by Shinkansen, transfer at Tokuyama Station and take local train(Sanyo Shinkansen Line to Sanyo Line)
  • ● Coming from Kyushu area by Shinkansen, transfer at Shin-Yamaguchi station and take local train(Sanyo Shinkansen Line to Sanyo Line)
  • ● From Yamaguchi-Ube airport, take a bus to Shin-Yamaguchi station and transfer to Sanyo Line.

By car

  • ● 20 minutes from Sanyo highway Tokuyama-Nishi Interchange
  • ● 20 minutes from Sanyo highway Hofu-Higashi Interchange